How people feed each other: bridging suppers across the food system

Exciting news – Stranger Stranger participant Valentine Cadieux (a “main character” at Little Szechuan) was so inspired by her experience that she applied for and received a mini grant from the University of Minnesota to create her own Stranger Stranger Supper Series! Plans are still in development, but the project (How people feed each other: bridging suppers across the food system) will be focused specifically on creating conversations about food system problems and solutions. The four interactive suppers, open to the public, will take place in Fall 2013, utilizing a modified version of the Stranger Stranger Supper Series format. Learn more about the concept and watch plans unfold here.


Thank you, Little Szechuan!


The Stranger Stranger Supper Series came to a close tonight with one final supper at Little Szechuan Chinese Restaurant & Bar. This supper was the most social by far, as the “main characters” befriended numerous other diners in the restaurant! Visit the Facebook page for more photos and unfolding anecdotes from those who participated and eavesdropped – and if you were there and enjoyed the food as much as we did, please consider leaving a rave review for Little Szechuan on Yelp and/or Facebook.

This concludes the series for now, but stay tuned – more suppers might happen down the line. In the meantime, infinite thanks to everyone who participated and especially to the restaurants who hosted us! It’s been a strange, fabulous, delectable ride…

Thank you, HOMI! and Little Szechuan TONIGHT

The Stranger Stranger Supper Series made another marvelous appearance last night at HOMI Restaurante Mexicano! This group dove straight into a some splendidly serious, earnest conversation – a fascinating blur between their “characters” and real selves – and also, as you can see by the photo, had their share of silly fun.

As usual, keep an eye on the Facebook page for anecdotes and more photos – and if you participated or attended and enjoyed the restaurant, please take a minute to write HOMI a glowing review on Yelp and/or Facebook! We want to keep supporting these University Ave businesses long after the suppers have passed.

The last supper in the series (at least for now) will take place TONIGHT at Little Szechuan Chinese Restaurant & Bar, with yet another eclectic, stellar cast. 6pm, until they’re done eating! Make a reservation or just show up; details here.

next up – HOMI, then Little Szechuan

Next week, we’ll be making back-to-back appearances at the delicioso HOMI Restaurante Mexicano (Tuesday) and 美味 Little Szechuan Chinese Restaurant & Bar (Wednesday)! Two fantastic supper spots with totally different delightful atmospheres.

Submit your interest to play a “main character” at either of these events before 5pm this Friday! (You can see photos and read anecdotes from this past week’s participants on our Facebook page.) As usual, anyone else is welcome to come dine at the restaurants on the same nights to eavesdrop on and interact with the performance.

Thank you, Ngon Bistro!


The Stranger Stranger Supper Series had a glorious kickoff at Ngon Vietnamese Bistro tonight! The action unfolded organically as the “main characters” went all out with their roles, the owner and waiters invented their own characters and major plot points, and other guests eavesdropped, created new prompts, and even performed poetry. Phenomenal performances all around!

Visit our Facebook page for more photos, plus an unfolding compilation of stories and sound bytes. If you came to the event, please contribute to these lists… and then while you’re at it, why not let the world know how much you loved dining at Ngon Vietnamese Bistro by leaving them a glowing review on Facebook and/or Yelp?

Next up – HOMI Restaurante Mexicano, closely followed by Little Szechuan Chinese Restaurant & Bar. Full schedule here. The lottery for “main characters” will take place this Friday at 5pm – submit your name for a chance to enjoy a free meal with strangers!

it begins

The Stranger Stranger Supper Series is upon us! Six brave members of the public have been selected and sent character assignments. Tomorrow, around 6pm, they will meet at the chic and delicious Ngon Vietnamese Bistro to share a meal together… in character! Anybody else is welcome to come dine at the same time, perhaps also inventing a character and interacting with the performance as it unfolds. Some people might be dining there without knowing there’s a performance happening. Who’s performing and who’s not? Figuring that out could be half the fun!

Want to join the mischief? Click here to make an online reservation for tomorrow night (Tuesday, 1/15) at Ngon Vietnamese Bistro – mention you’re coming to watch The Stranger Stranger Supper Series for prime seating – then click here to drop your name in the hat to play a “main character” at HOMI Restautrante Mexicano or Little Szechuan Chinese Restaurant & Bar next week!

Interview on KFAI’s “The Morning Blend”

Tune into KFAI’s “The Morning Blend” tomorrow (Friday) around 7:40AM to hear Rachel Jendrzejewski talk about The Stranger Stranger Supper Series! The station is 90.3 in Minneapolis and 106.7 in St. Paul.

Also, don’t forget that the first lottery drawing for “main characters” at Ngon Bistro will take place later that afternoon at 5pm! Be sure to submit your interest to participate before then, if you haven’t already.