Thank you, Ngon Bistro!


The Stranger Stranger Supper Series had a glorious kickoff at Ngon Vietnamese Bistro tonight! The action unfolded organically as the “main characters” went all out with their roles, the owner and waiters invented their own characters and major plot points, and other guests eavesdropped, created new prompts, and even performed poetry. Phenomenal performances all around!

Visit our Facebook page for more photos, plus an unfolding compilation of stories and sound bytes. If you came to the event, please contribute to these lists… and then while you’re at it, why not let the world know how much you loved dining at Ngon Vietnamese Bistro by leaving them a glowing review on Facebook and/or Yelp?

Next up – HOMI Restaurante Mexicano, closely followed by Little Szechuan Chinese Restaurant & Bar. Full schedule here. The lottery for “main characters” will take place this Friday at 5pm – submit your name for a chance to enjoy a free meal with strangers!


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